Your individual study design
Flexible and data protection compliant

Study analysis

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All-in-one study solution

The integrated study and content management system is an individually customisable software solution from a single source for clinical and non-clinical studies.

Your study design is individually analysed and implemented and executed according to your specifications.


  • Flexible survey system
  • Dynamic form system
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Learning management system (LMS) with individual learning paths
  • Participant management (CRM) with randomisation or stratification
  • Data import and export, e.g. via R, SPSS and SAS
  • Statistical study cockpit for real-time monitoring progress
  • GDPR-compliant
  • Integrated communication system


  • Interactive and multimedia
  • Motivating interface for study participants
  • Flexible and adaptable to a specific study designs
  • Barrier-free and data-saving (privacy by design)
  • No integration of third-party APIs or external tools
  • Multiple ethical and data protection checks
  • Central contact for training and technical support
  • Cost-efficient

Data protection and sustainability

  • Subsequent use planned from the outset
  • Quality assured over the entire life cycle
  • Environmentally friendly and resource-saving


We support you with

  • Study design
  • Design & Layout
  • Media didactics & content maintenance
  • Graphics, icons and illustrations
  • Moving image / video production
  • Audio production
  • Hosting


We have been developing customised software for studies for ten years.

We draw on this experience and the experiences of our customers to develop the perfect study platform.