Course of a study

Every course of a study programme is individual.

Our study platform gives you access to powerful tools to conduct your study with your individual wishes.

The following points show an example of the process of a study - all of which we can also implement for you with our study platform:

  • a landing page that is displayed before the start of the study,
  • through editor training, you can easily administer this website yourself,
  • on the content level, we offer media-didactic support,
  • on a technical level, all classic content elements such as bulleted lists, hint boxes, tables, images with gallery and slideshow functionality, downloads or accordions, collapsibles and sliders,
  • as well as the integration of media (audio and video, PDFs), including the possibility of depositing subtitles or transcripts.
  • In the initial phase / pre-registration of the study (when the landing page is active), interested parties can be placed on a waiting list and will be informed or invited straight away when the study begins,
  • after the one-, two- or three-step registration process via the website or with intermediary practice,
  • the participants can be administered via the user administration, then
  • the first questionnaire follows, either by means of an inclusion or exclusion questionnaire or the baseline survey with integrated inclusion and exclusion criteria,
  • participants are enrolled and randomised, but stratification usually takes place,
  • the study platform is rounded off by a continuously updated overview of the important key figures of the study.
  • Then a dashboard, the coach area and the message centre will be activated for the participants,
  • the coach or intervention area can usually be used by the BC group (blended care) without restrictions,
  • the doctor or coordinator can enable chat for all or certain participants, this is done completely anonymously via the platform,
  • after a certain period of time, participants are informed about further questionnaires (T1, T2) by means of reminders; these are either voluntary or compulsory and may lead to the coach area being blocked in order to encourage users to participate,
  • after a certain time, the coach is blocked and a follow-up questionnaire follows.
  • Finally, the incentive system is evaluated and the participants or practices / therapists are rewarded by sending automatic - depending on the number of completed questionnaires - shopping vouchers.
  • At the same time, the study platform is GDPR-compliant and compatible with the funding guidelines,
  • in addition, the subsequent use of the data is provided for from the outset and
  • programming is quality-assured and resource-saving.


so individuell wie Ihre Studie

Examples of use:

  • Waiting list and list of interested students before the start of the programme
  • Contact form
  • Feedback form

Challenge of editability and traceability: With the study platform, it is possible to edit your forms yourself. In addition, and to check which changes were made by which of your employees at which point in time.

Challenge domain change: The forms should all be accessible within the same domain. A domain change looks unserious and leads to a high drop-out rate. The study platform runs under a single domain and does not use external services / APIs.

The challenge of user mapping: When using various tools, you have to manage user mapping when switching between the different platforms (form software, questionnaire software, LMS). Often this is done at the expense of security (anyone with a link can access the forms including the entries for as long as they want) or data integrity (any participant can fill in forms for other participants). All these problems do not exist with the study platform.

The challenge of security: A user must not be able to access other people's data when switching services, and you also have to ensure that you uniquely identify the user across the different platforms - often an unsolvable problem when pseudonymisation is used at the same time. The study platform offers all the necessary services from a single source, so this problem does not exist.

The challenge of a uniform layout: Your forms should always look the same, whether it is the contact form, entries in the coaching or intervention area or the questionnaire. This provides the user with a uniform design. The layout of the study platform is all of a piece.

Examples of use:

  • Baseline questionnaire,
  • Inclusion and exclusion questionnaire,
  • T1, T2 and
  • Follow-up questionnaire

The challenge of standardised tests: We already have many standardised tests (PHQ and AQoL questionnaires) ready. These can be taken over by you and of course edited or adapted. This saves time, even though the independent creation of questionnaires is easy to learn and the training effort is minimal.

The Challenge of editability: The study platform offers the possibility to edit questionnaires independently and to keep track of which changes were made by which staff member at any time.

The challenge of importing data: Do you need to import certain data from the baseline or questionnaire surveys into your Learning Management System (LMS) (for example, age or medication consumption)? When programming interfaces, often not all possibilities are taken into account (for example, that a participant changes his or her data later). Because the study platform offers everything from a single source, this kind of problem cannot exist.

The Challenge of consistent layout: To ensure a consistent design, all your forms, be it the contact form, entries in the coaching or intervention section or questionnaires, should look the same. This gives the user a consistent design. The layout of the study platform has a consistent design.

Examples of use:

  • Digital coaching or intervention area

Challenge of editability: The study platform offers the possibility to edit questionnaires independently and to keep track of which changes were made by which staff member at any time.

The challenge of an individual learning path: Do you need an LMS that supports individual learning paths? The display of content or further questions (interactive content) can be linked to one or more conditions so that each participant sees content tailored exactly to him or her, i.e. can follow an individual learning path.

The challenge of a special tests: You want to develop your own test or a very special exercise? Together with the scientific staff of our clients, we have developed many tests and exercises that are tailored exactly to your needs. Of course, this is also possible for your project.

Challenge special evaluation: You want to make a special evaluation of the user inputs, weight certain answers, ignore other inputs under certain conditions? Together with the academic staff of our clients, we have created a variety of individual evaluations that are specifically tailored to their individual requirements. Of course, we can also offer these customised solutions for your project.

The challenge of uniform layout: It is advisable to use uniform forms, regardless of whether they are contact forms, entries in the coaching or intervention area or questionnaires. This provides users with a consistent design. The study platform has a consistent layout throughout.

Examples of use:

  • User management
  • Tracking through which campaign you could gain how many users
  • Incentive system
  • Recording of consent forms

The challenge of campaign tracking: If you run social media campaigns and want to know which ones were the most successful, or if you want to find out how your users became aware of your study, you can rely on our study platform. We offer you the necessary instruments and tools to answer these questions easily and effectively.

The challenge of the incentive system: The participants should be compensated for their efforts or they should be prevented from dropping out prematurely by means of an incentive system? Regardless of whether a normal participant is a doctor's practice or therapist, various types of rewards (e.g. vouchers) can be sent by evaluating the incentive system.

The challenge of vouchers: Your in-house controlling allows the distribution of non-cash or cash prizes only against signature? Reception must be confirmed.

The challenge of drop-out reporting: If you want to find out at what point participants have left your study or predict how many participants will complete the follow-up questionnaire, we can help. Our platform has powerful analytics tools to help you track participant behaviour and make predictions.

The challenge of legally secure proof: You need to prove when and whether a participant has demonstrably accepted the study conditions? No problem with our study platform!

Examples of use:

  • You need up-to-date statistical evaluations at any time for your personnel planning or ongoing reporting: how many participants are currently included, what is the drop-out rate for T1, T2 or the follow-up questionnaire, what is the randomisation rate?

The challenge of merging data: Do you regularly need to merge data from the various providers (forms software, questionnaire software and LMS) in one table processing? With our study platform, you always have an up-to-date view of your important key figures in one or more clear dashboards.

Examples of use:

  • Website on which your study is running,
  • introduces your team, and
  • presents the results at the end of the study and
  • makes the data available for further use.

The challenge of editability: The website should be easy to edit and changes should be fully traceable. We have accompanied many studies and continuously considered feedback from our clients to develop a user-friendly system that can be operated with minimal training.

The challenge of a landing page: The website is usually needed before the study begins, when the exact parameters of your study design have not yet been determined. At the same time, SEO optimisation should already begin and the data (for example from the waiting list or a newsletter) should be seamlessly transferred into your later study - no problem with our all-in-one solution.

The challenge of media content: The website should present all kinds of media, such as videos, audios and PDFs in an appealing way? This is possible right from the start. In addition, the study platform allows subtitles and transcripts to be added, and preview images of PDFs and audio files are created automatically.

The challenge of uniform data protection and imprint pages: You need one place for your participation and data protection conditions, but each service (form software, questionnaire software, LMS) has its own imprint and data protection page? The study platform combines all services in one website, so that only one page each for imprint and data protection is sufficient.

The challenge of document management: You need a central place for information and documents and cannot use the learning platform (LMS) for this because one of your groups (TAU - treatment as usual) should not have access to the coaching or intervention area? The study platform has a comprehensive role-rights management that harmonises with the user administration, so that solutions are possible even for complex cases.

The challenge of re-use: Even after the study has been completed, the study design should remain online (mostly protected) in order to ensure traceability and verifiability. In the case of the study platform, the subsequent use of the data is planned from the very beginning.

The challenge publishing results: Your study website is recommended for publishing your study results (in addition to your institute's website, of course). This can help your work to be found and noticed by a wider target group. In addition, you can further leverage your investment in your SEO.

The challenge of uniform layout: It is recommended that all your forms have a uniform design, whether they are contact forms, entries in the coaching or intervention area or questionnaires. This provides users with a consistent design. The layout of the study platform is uniform.

Examples of use:

  • Domain
  • SSL certificate
  • Web storage
  • Database
  • Staging System
  • Maintenance & Support

The callange of data centres: You don't want to work with your in-house data centre? We will gladly take care of domain registration and web hosting for you. Or we can help you choose the right server and the right tariff.

The callange of penetration tests: You want your SSL connection to be particularly secure? For this reason, we implement the recommendations of regular penetration tests. So nothing stands in the way of your SSL certificate with the A+ label.

Examples of use:

  • Waiting list
  • Questionnaire Reminder
  • Notes from therapists on your answers
  • Notifications when the practice has written to the participant
  • Reward system when the participant drops out
  • Newsletter with general study information

The challenge of data protection: You want to inform the participant about a new questionnaire or the activation of a new module within the intervention area, but you are not allowed to know their email address? The study platform sends emails automatically and follows your study schedule.

The challenge of newsletters: Often, newsletter services require DMARC and SPF entries in the domain, which is a criterion for exclusion for many IT departments. With the study platform, you can send newsletters yourself.

The challenge of text and HTML emails: Do you want to meet the needs of those who prefer HTML-formatted emails as well as those who prefer the plain text version? The study platform sends a text and HTML formatted mail, the recipient's client then decides - depending on the user's preference - which version to display.

Examples of use:

Chat area so that participants can talk to

  • Coordinators,
  • teachers,
  • practices (GPs),
  • therapists,
  • technical contacts.

The challenge limit the chat function: The participant may only write to the therapist after completing a module or working through an exercise or test? The practice, however, at any time? The coordinator is allowed to write to the participant, but the participant is not allowed to reply? Or he is only allowed to reply after he has been written to? With the message centre within the study platform, these and other scenarios can be easily mapped.

The challenge of security & data protection: You need to communicate with participants but are not allowed to know their e-mail address? The contents of the communication must not leave the secure area of the study platform? With the message centre within the study platform, you and the participants are informed about new messages.

The challenge of consistent layout: It is important that your forms have a consistent design, whether they are contact forms, coaching and intervention inputs or questionnaires. In this way, a consistent design is presented to the users. The design of the study platform is consistent.

Examples of use:

  • Check order processing contracts (AVV)
    Develop data protection concept

The challenge of AVV: You have to read an order processing agreement (AVV) for each service provider, including a TOM with a dozen pages each, and have it adapted to your requirements accordingly. With international companies this is often not possible, you can only accept or not accept the contract. With Oranto, you only need to conclude an AVV. If you wish, you can adapt it to your needs.

The challenge of data protection: Your data protection officer wants to know exactly? Our data protection concept has already been tested several times and can be adapted to your requirements. You decide which data we store and who may access it. We are happy to assist you in developing the appropriate justifications and to provide you with comprehensive advice.

Examples of use:

  • At the end of the study (or while it is still running) you want to evaluate the data scientifically.

The challenge of ongoing evaluation: Do you need certain data regularly and already prepared as a diagram or tabular overview? The study platform has a dashboards for coordinators or study leaders in which individual and continuously updated diagrams or information can be embedded.

The challenge of mapping: You have to merge the data of the different services (form software, questionnaire software, LMS), this "mapping" is very error-prone. Since the study platform unites all systems, this problem does not occur. Furthermore, you have the possibility to assign individual variable names.

The challenge of export: You have to convert the given export formats of the different services (form software, questionnaire software, LMS) and take all kinds of special features into account. Here, too, the integrated approach of the study platform pays off, so that data from forms, questionnaires and in the intervention or coach area can be handled and exported in exactly the same way. This is conceivable in JQuery, XML or CSV format, preferably also prepared in such a way that it can be imported into SPSS, SAS or R.

Examples of use: Even after the study is completed, your data must remain available.

The challenge of re-use: The funding guidelines of many research projects explicitly stipulate the re-use of data. However, external service providers usually delete data after a certain period of time and do not offer an archive version. In the case of the study platform, the subsequent use of the data is planned from the very beginning.

Examples of use:

  • Environmental awareness
  • Compliance rules and guidelines
  • Quality assurance and project management

The challenge of quality assurance (QA): Our study platform is not only quality-assured, but also designed to be resource-efficient to ensure sustainable use. The development of the software takes place in Germany and is checked several times under ethical and data protection aspects to ensure the highest standards.

The challenge of project management (PM): We see ourselves as a central point of contact for training and technical support, thus ensuring efficient and secure use of the platform. Furthermore, we attach great importance to cost efficiency in order to enable a sustainable use of our software even for smaller institutions.